Growth Supported by Infor ERP LN

NVision Czech Republic, a global supplier of telecommunication services to operators and a manufacturer of high-tech components for the auto industry, has decided to upgrade its corporate information system to support its rapid economic development.

Due to the significant increase in orders from the car industry, NVision needed better enterprise resource planning and selected Infor ERP LN, a descendant of the successful Baan5 version that NVision has used for more than 15 years.

This new information system that will be fully implemented by January 1, 2017 will enable NVision to flexibly respond to user needs thanks to its unique interface and extensive logistics functionality. Infor ERP LN allows NVision to plan using sales schedules that are confirmed in EDI communications, as well as providing logistics management and movement tracking using BC/QR codes. The pull method will be used for warehouse management, and advanced automation processes also affect WIP tracking, monitoring discrepancies, etc.

It’s crucial that NVision can rely on its ERP solution as a proven and robust system that will support its further growth, something the Infor ERP LN and GEMMA Systems assures.