3DVisualizr: Your 3D Digital Twin Visualization Tool

  • Use 3DVisualizr to create powerful 3D visualizations for your Digital Twin Application!
  • Boost the usability of your IoT apps with an easy-to-use interface!
  • Reduce your dashboard complexity and collect all of your relevant information in one view for efficient decision-making!
  • Stand out from the competition with a state-of-the-art visualization!

Why 3D Digital Twins

3D visualizations help to make complex situations more comprehensible. 3DVisualizr is a 3D Digital Twin Visualization tool to create 3D representations (“scenes”) that deliver the context in which data or information is consumed. Within a given context it is easier for stakeholders to interpret data and information. Thus, manager will benefit from more efficient decision making.

Furthermore, with the data labels baked into the 3D engine, 3DVisualizr offers a ready-made and easy-to-use user interface. Data will show naturally in its context, and will be supported by a selection of graphics – even a heatmap functionality is included. This reduces your efforts in creating a UI that fits the end users’ needs.

Thus, 3DVisualizr is a powerful tool to create 3D Digital Twin visualizations for various purposes.

How to create your Digital Twin visualization with 3DVisualizr

3D Digital Twin scene editor

Create, edit and maintain your 3D representation effortlessly! 3DVisualizr features a WYSIWYG editor to create 3D scenes for various environments. Once you selected an object from the library, you can position it via simple drag’n’drop functionality. Furthermore, you can freely scale and rotate objects to create a 1:1 digital representation of your facility.

The asset library contains 3D models to create the 3D scenes with. Start by using the models we created in the past (and will create in the future). Furthermore, you can extend your library with your own 3D models.

3D Digital Twin engine & data labels

​The 3D rendering plugin fetches the 3D scene created in the editor and renders it. Through events and data payloads the predefined data labels are activated to show asset related data. Data labels can contain KPI information, parameter data, text elements, as well as buttons and links.

Furthermore, the engine has a heatmap functionality built-in. This allows you to easily color your 3D objects depending on their status.

Therefore, the engine provides powerful UI elements that make your application stand out!

3DVisualizr universal architecture

3DVisualizr’s 3D editor is a Portal service to create 3D scenes as a turnkey solution. Both 3D models and 3D scenes are managed in the cloud.

3DVisualizr’s 3D engine is an HTML5 JavaScript Component that will enable your application to render the 3D scenes from our portal. This requires connectivity between your app and our portal. Your app will feed data into the engine. This ensures that your data will not leave your premises when using 3DVisualizr.

There are ready-to-use plugins available for PTC ThingWorx, Microsoft PowerBI, and Grafana. You can even create your own stand-alone app around our 3D engine.

Customer Cases