NVision support services

Years of close cooperation with a large number of telecom operators around the world has enabled NVision to develop a unique set of design services; developed and provided to our customers to enhance their revenue generation and to optimize operational costs.

Thoroughly developed, NVision support services enable operators to:

Protect customer revenues from pitfalls

A set of services to train and prepare operators for future challenges and help them manage expectations while maintaining an appropriate balance of well-selected vendors

Operations run smoothly and with minimal investment

Developed over years of activity in low APRU markets, NVision operational services are adept at working with low operational budgets while maximizing system performance using highly-developed business processes

Maximize the value of existing systems

We Use the experience obtained from our broad customer base to stay ahead of the competition and minimize the time needed for development of new functionalities by exercising control over the next product release roadmap.


System Management Tools

NVision has a wide range of tools and best practice methodologies used to provide efficient support for our clients’ new systems. These tools are used for prevention, monitoring, and optimization of processes in order to maximize the performance of the system and minimize down time.

The system management tools applied by NVision enable the development of a unified multifunctional Element Management System (EMS) solution for real-time monitoring of NVision products, which means greater system availability.

By means of centralized logging, NVision provides a consolidated management system for collecting debugging information with the ability to change the logging level for each module separately or for all modules at once.

The key features of NVision system management tools include:

  • IT infrastructure management
  • Centralization of: Fault Management, Performance Management, Traffic Analysis, Configuration & Software Management, Security Management
  • Monitoring improvement and error diagnostics to detect network element errors quickly and minimize damage from network downtime
  • User-friendly system with GUIs and dashboards that can be configured for specific components
  • Easy identification and browsing of alarm history
  • User-defined thresholds for alarm importance

NVision provides support and maintenance services for customer IT systems: from technical support for equipment and IT infrastructure to management of the information system as a whole; or merely management of some processes for the purpose of information system support and development. We offer a wide range of services for repair, setup, consulting, and the other types of IT equipment maintenance.