Billing and Revenue Management

Being competitive and cost effective are just some of the challenges faced by large and medium-sized telecommunication companies. NVison offers rating, billing, and customer care systems that enable ICT providers to address many issues, including:

  • Need for convergent offers that fit targeted customers
  • Time-to-market acceleration
  • Investment protection (future-proof solutions)
  • High operational costs

The NVision rating, billing, and customer care system brings extraordinarily flexible business proposal modeling:

  • n-level (unlimited) customer organization, rating, and invoicing hierarchy
  • Pricing schemes including both global and per-customer per-service pricing, enabling effective ‘tariff plan per customer’
  • Complex convergent offers composed/configured using reusable basic component parts
  • Complex convergent offers billed on a single invoice

A high degree of operational efficiency is assured by the NVision rating, billing, and customer care system:

  • Data-driven convergent offers configured in the Product Catalogue – Ordering, Rating, Billing, and Provisioning (technical) catalogues in one place
  • Smart Ordering Wizards provide business rules and automated order management, hidingthe details of technical implementation and requiring less specific knowledge from a customer sales/customer care representative
  • Automated bulk (batch) data creation and modification procedures for large customers

There are also complementary NVision support and managed services available, enabling an even more cost-effective BSS solution.

The NVision rating, billing, and customer care system enables end-to-end business processes spanning from order to activation, usage, billing, and finally payment.