Diameter Signalling

NVision Czech Republic a.s. provides a solution for centralized routing and management of diameter signalling traffic.

The role of the diameter protocol has evolved and changed. It’s no longer just an online charging protocol as it was used in legacy networks. In LTE and IMS networks, the diameter is gradually replacing legacy signaling protocols. Many studies and predictions say we will witness a massive increase in diameter signalling traffic. NVision monitors and captures modern trends and is prepared to deploy a ready-to-use solution that meets current market requirements.

The solution is compliant with IETF, 3GPP, and GSMA specifications in terms of providing the following functionalities in a single unified solution:

  • Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)
  • Diameter Edge Agent (DEA)
  • Interworking Function (IWF)

Such unification allows for simpler network configuration and complexity, while integration costs are reduced.

Flexible system scalability enables the creation of customized solutions based on specific performance requirements.

The system can be implemented as hardware-based or virtualized function-based on VMware ESXi  5.5.