Real-Time Charging

Staying ahead of competitors in terms of basic service commoditization requires a flexible, transformational, real-time charging solution capable of handling ever-increasing and quickly-changing demands from customers.

Next Generation Intelligent Network Signaling Control Point – MEDIO IN/SCP

MEDIO IN/SCP is a flexible and modular NG IN platform that provides the necessary basis to launch services quickly and efficiently. MEDIO IN/SCP is based on an efficient Service Execution Environment (SEE) that is able to run IN services and perform online and off-line charging. The ease of service development and customization is due to a user-friendly graphic service creation environment.

On-line charging for pre-paid, post-paid, and hybrid subscribers

The on-line-charging system (OCS) is operated on one or several adjacent MEDIO IN/SCP platforms.

The MEDIO IN/OCS allows for the unique opportunity of providing operators with real-time fully convergent billing of both value-added services and regular voice and data traffic in conjunction with the company’s flagship product – FORIS OSS.


  • Short time to market
  • Increased revenues and ARPU
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Optimized CAPEX
  • Lower TCO
  • Investment protection
  • Customer self-service

Services that generate new revenue  

The MEDIO IN/OCS platform enables the implementation of an entire spectrum of services, such as information services, various types of pre-paid services, and other value-added services (VAS) that appeal to specific customer segments.

Network operators and service providers can then categorize service offerings according to customer segments.