Revenue Assurance & Business Inteligence

Business Intelligence Solution

Quickly responding to customer needs, gaining competitive advantages, and briskly adapting to market changes are crucial to a company’s success. Timely and correct responses are those that provide quality information used to make business decisions to address key issues.

The main purpose of the FORIS BI system is to enable management, finance, and other departments to monitor key control points and give them the ability to drill down into the data. The system provides a faster, easier, and more efficient analysis using an intuitive user interface.

FORIS BI™ was developed as a pro-active, real-time business intelligence suite giving management complete online control of key business indicators, facilitating decision-making processes and increasing business efficiency. The FORIS BI™ product suite consists of several subsystems: Corporate Performance Management, Analytical CRM with the FORIS campaign automation system, and a telco-specific Service Analysis subsystem.

Revenue Assurance

FORIS RA V5 provides multiple points of flexibility enabling easy integration and configuration of the application to suit specific monitoring processes, audit checks, and control of RA departments. The application is easily tailored to practically any type of business environment and can be continuously adapted as the providers’ products, services, and revenue streams evolve.