Telecom Signalling

All our products developed throughout our history show our deep knowledge of telecommunication signalling. Signalling is a common standardized language between different network elements. A multiplicity of skills and experiences is obtained during the development of TDM and VoIP switching systems. The development of our own HW and SW, including various protocol stacks for real-time operation, enables quick and easy adoption of specific customer requirements.

Signalling solutions offered by NVision:

  • MEDIO NG STP (for TDM, SIGTRAN and Diameter)
  • ORACLE(TEKELEC) EAGLE 5 (A global leader in telco signalling)

MEDIO NG STP is a mature product for signalling routing and conversion

Core functions:

  • Traditional – TDM signalling links (LSL, HSL)

Smart routing

  • Low-level message routing – MTP level
  • End-to-end message routing – SCCP level
  • Enhanced signalling routing by means of application protocol information (i.e. MAP operations for SMS)
  • Basic diameter routing according to Originating/Destination-Realm/Host Application identification parameters  
  • Enhanced  diameter routing by means of other AVPs that are applied as routing rules in choosing the desired peer table destination, i.e. Subscription-Id, Service-Context-Id

Other network functions

  • Signalling screening and logging on various levels
  • Signalling accounting

Number portability (NP)

The ability to port a subscriber’s telephone number (mobile & fixed) to a different operator in the context of:

  • Customer acquisition from another operator
  • Customer churn to another operator

NP database is embedded into the STP

  • It utilizes direct routing (all calls queried), which is considered by experts to be the most error-resistant method