Voice Over IP

NVision provides state-of-art, straightforward, and cost-effective solutions for transitions from legacy TDM (SS7, DSS1) networks to state-of-art, service-driven VoIP networks for both service providers and enterprises of any size.

We are acknowledged as a leading CEE integrator for PSTN migrations. We have successfully completed projects where customers requested either full migration to VoIP or partial migration with the concurrent presence of TDM and VoIP infrastructure.

Service providers

NVision is ready to provide case studies for the two most preferred approaches to migration from legacy TDM networks to Voice over IP.

Class 4 networks

  • Softswitch-based solution
  • Progressive SIP core C4 solution

Class 5 networks

  • Softswitch-based solution
  • IMS based approach with MSANs
  • IMS based approach with VoBB