Wholesale Billing and Roaming Management

Growing global traffic volumes, intense competition, and increasing complexity create serious challenges for providers. The NVison comprehensive wholesale billing and roaming management solution allows providers to offer:

  • Complex and dynamic commercial relationships
  • Accurate billing and settlement
  • Cost reduction

The NVision inter-carrier rating and billing, partner management, and roaming management system simplifies complex interconnect, settlement, and roaming management processes:

  • Business-to-business scenario implementation supporting different partner types and sizes (e.g. interconnect and roaming partners, content providers, reseller/distributor relationship management)
  • Importing price lists, including partner price lists, and therefore active wholesale margin management
  • Various usage event validation and rating performed by a highly scalable and robust engine assuring accurate billing and settlements
  • Automated bulk generation of financial documents, including invoices, control invoices, and netting proposals (balance), reducing potential disputes
  • TAP/RAP and NRTRDE management

There are complementing NVision support [link] and managed services [link] available, enabling active management of wholesale billing domain costs.

The NVision wholesale billing and roaming management system enables interconnect rating and billing, partner settlements and management, and roaming management.